She's earned a reputation as the resident trouble-maker but that didn't stop The Bachelor's Jordan Mauger from taking Naz on her first single date - and giving her a rose.

But while Naz was delighted to head on the sea plane journey, her fellow contestants were less than pleased with the decision.

"The girls and I are feeling flabbergasted," said Kate.

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As the pair headed off in a sea plane, the rest of the contestants were left to process Mauger's decision, with Fleur revealing she can't take Naz seriously.

"I just don't know if I can't have a straight face if she comes back with a rose."

Back on the water, the pair re-enacted the infamous Titanic scene at the bow of the boat, before Naz cuddled up to Mauger against the cold.

Naz was her usual confident self, declaring: "Me and Jordan make a really good couple."

It seems Mauger agrees, with the Bach offering Naz a rose ahead of the night's official rose ceremony.