The world of the Kardashians just got a little more ridiculous.

This week, Kardashian clan member Kylie Jenner unveiled an ad for her new range of lip gloss, 'Glosses by Kylie Jenner'. The clip starts with the starlet speeding through the desert, flashing a personalized 'KNGKYLIE' number plate on her Rolls Royce, and reapplying her lippy - general advert fodder - but from there things start getting crazy.

While Jenner lazes about in her car, checking her reflection and plumping up her lips a million times, a dodgy deal is going down inside a rundown motel. Next thing you know, high-heeled women with guns bust in, ordering men who were counting out money to "get the hell on the ground".

The gun-slingers then go on to 'kick-butt', while Jenner causally goes to the boot of her car to get out a giant fur coat. Why does she need a fur coat? Because she's Kim's sister clearly.


Then there's the fourth woman who enters the scene, whose sole job appears to be sucking on an oversized Chupa-Chup.

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The women then steal the gangsters cash - even throwing one of the thugs out of a window - and run to Jenner's getaway car, where they then proceed to throw the cash in the air as the speed away ... Amateurs.

The absurd ad was directed by Grammy-nominated music video director Colin Tilley, who has worked on videos for Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Tyga - Jenner's on-again-off-again beau.

So far the video has been viewed 19,000 times on YouTube since it was posted.