Two ZM radio hosts spent a year plotting their revenge after falling victim to an April Fools' Day prank. Yesterday, they got their own back.

Last year, Jase and PJ were suckered into working an incredibly awkward morning shift on ZM for the shift's usual hosts, Fletch and Vaughan, on April 1.

But the show wasn't being broadcast, and Jase & PJ were set up with a series of terrible encounters and fake giveaways with listeners in on the joke.

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Yesterday, Jase & PJ returned the favour with precision timing.

The duo hijacked a prank that Fletch, Vaughan and co-host Laura were playing on their listeners for this year's April Fools' Day this morning.

Fletch, Vaughan and Laura had organised a stunt in which a man called Riley was being paid $5000 to have his toe surgically removed, then reattached, by a doctor in their studio.

The bit was all fake, but Jase and PJ instructed the doctor and Riley to pretend to slice into the toe for real, with blood spurting over the operating table, without the hosts knowing.

When it happened, Fletch, Vaughan and Laura reacted in shock, with Vaughan saying: "Why is he cutting for real though?"

The trio panicked as they worked out how to tell their listeners what had happened. Someone even called an ambulance.

"It has taken a bit of a bad turn - and not in the way we wanted," says Fletch, before Jase and PJ burst into the studio, revealing the joke.

"A year in the making," yelled Jase in celebration.