If you happen to see swarms of extremely excited people around Auckland, there's no need to worry - Suits fans are just on the hunt for American actor Gabriel Macht, who is currently in New Zealand.

Macht, who plays the slick New York lawyer Harvey Specter on the show, arrived in Auckland yesterday evening from Brisbane, Australia, where he was on holiday with his wife, Australian actress Jacinda Barrett and their two children.

Fans are already out and about, trying catch a glimpse of the star, who is on the promo trail for Suits and will be in the country until Saturday.

Gabriel Macht plays the role of Harvey Specter on the hit TV show Suits. Photo / Getty Images
Gabriel Macht plays the role of Harvey Specter on the hit TV show Suits. Photo / Getty Images

Publicity commitments won't leave him much time for sightseeing but this isn't the first time Macht and his family have made it to our shores.


"A few years ago my wife and daughter and I, we rented a camper van and we toured the whole South Island for 10 days and then we did the North Island," Macht told the Herald.

"It's a beautiful country. We've had a great time on the last go-around, and now my son's here, he's two years old and he's enjoying it."

Macht also dropped some hints for Suits fans as to what could be coming up in the series, which was recently picked up for a sixth season.

"I can tell you that I've read the first episode for season six and the show it takes off exactly where we left the last season. Sometimes between seasons, they skip a few months or whatever, but this happens exactly the day," Macht revealed.

"I can't give anything away other than this episode is very reminiscent of the film The Breakfast Club. So you're going see a lot of the characters getting together in a very big office space, where it's pretty empty and they're trying to figure out what to do."

One of the great things about the fast-paced legal drama is its ability to throw a little comedy into the mix. Though Macht admits there has been a bigger focus on the drama side of the show in recent seasons, he says season six will offer some "lighter fare".

"These last couple seasons became extremely personal, the stakes have been super huge and the first couple season there was a lot of humour - when you get to have these serious stakes for these characters, they tend to lose a lot of their humour. I think we're going to go into the direction of making it a little bit lighter, for a little while, even though the stakes are still pretty high."

All five seasons of Suits are available to stream on Lightbox.

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