Bear Grylls' new TV show has set a record not to be proud of.

The first episode of the British adventurer's new show The Island With Bear Grylls contains a whopping 95 swear words in just 45 minutes.

New Magazine reported that it's thought to be the highest number of swear words ever heard in one episode of a British TV show.

It broke down the swear word ratio to 67 references to "f***", 23 of s**t and one ****.


One contestant was reported to have said: "You f**king lazy **** - good, see you later! You're no good to us! You f***ing sign up you do it you d**khead!?"

A Channel 4 representative defended the show, saying there were several strong language warnings screened before and during the show.

"The show was preceded by a warning of strong language throughout and it was appropriately scheduled after the watershed."

Fans took to Twitter to complain about the level of swearing.

TV watchdog Ofcom has confirmed it had received three complaints.