Sylvester Stallone was "consoled" about missing out on an Oscar by Jack Whitehall.

The 27-year-old comedian claims he was a shoulder to cry on for the 69-year-old actor after he failed to triumph in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role category at the Academy Awards for his role in Creed.

He said: "I walked straight into Sylvester Stallone afterwards at the Governors Ball. I had to console him about missing out on his Oscar, telling him there was always next year.
Or maybe if he did Creed 2 he might get a nod. I think it reassured him.

"Also, because he knew I was English, I had to tell him who Mark Rylance was. I talked him through all of Mark's performances at the Globe theatre. Good old Sly, I loved him in Creed. And I love Mark Rylance, so I had to remain pretty neutral about it."


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Meanwhile, Jack also admitted the Oscars were a "very odd experience".

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The Oscars was a very odd experience. I went along to try to convince people that 'Bad Education' was nominated for an Oscar.

Unfortunately, no one believed me. But it was fun, it's quite a surreal event. There's a bar, so you don't have to be in there for the full four hours. All the British nominees are there, propped up at the bar.

"I felt like it was the Oscars, so I would be mad not to go once. I don't think the trajectory of my career is going to mean that I end up there on my own merit."

- Bang! Showbiz