George and Amal Clooney have a rule which means they will never spend more than a week apart from each other.

The couple - who married in September 2014 - have to travel all the world for their respective careers, George for his filmmaking and Amal for her work as a human rights lawyer.

However, no matter what they are doing, the loved-up pair will always meet up after seven days away from one another.

Speaking to the new issue of HELLO! magazine, he revealed: "We have a rule whereby we are never apart for more than a week. We also stay in touch via social media so we try to keep close even if we're in different parts of the world. We have a place in London now where it's easy for us to spend a lot of time together and I can work on new film projects - writing, reading scripts - or we can go to Lake Como or spend time in Los Angeles when I need to have meetings for my acting work, or hang around with some of my friends. It takes some planning but it's actually been working out very well for us."


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George, 54, also opened up on what he loves about Amal, 38, and he thinks it is her intelligence, as much as her natural beauty, that he finds so attractive about the brunette.

The Hail, Caesar! star was Hollywood's most eligible bachelor before he started his relationship with Amal, but he knew straight away he wanted to make her his wife.

He added: "Everything about her attracted me to her. The thing which really impressed me the most about her was how incredibly smart she is, and I've never had so many great discussions as I've had with her. She's also beautiful and elegant and someone I knew I wanted to spend my life with, I'm a very fortunate guy. I never imagined meeting a woman with such incredible grace and who also has a wonderful sense of humour. We have a very strong connection and she's extraordinary woman doing great work."

- Bang! Showbiz