This week the Bachelor revealed he wanted to "spice things up" and get to know each of the women better.

Fleur was the lucky lady chosen to join Jordan on a fiery date at the edge of a volcano.

The duo were met by a Hawaiian local who shared a story of love and jealously resulting in one of member of a love triangle being turned into a tree.

Fleur, whose story-telling skills impressed Jordan, was given a rose and a smooch after the date.


Meanwhile back at the mansion, Lara, Gab, Erin and Kate gathered for a gossip session and were swiftly dubbed the new mean girls on Twitter.

The women mused about others who were fake saying "We're in Hawaii and some of the girls just sit on the couch all day," but at a cocktail party women can put on an act.

They discussed Storm and her romantic kiss with Jordan.

Naz, Nicole and Gab were chosen to go on a group date, joining Jordan on a quad biking adventure and then zip lining.

Naz doubled on the quad bike with Jordan while the other two rode solo.

Jordan then took Gab on her own for a solo date where the duo shared a picnic. She was awarded a rose and a kiss at the end.

The kiss left Fleur questioning her date with Maunger and whether it meant anything

Nicole dropped a bombshell on Mauger revealing she would leave the show due to an unknown "distraction at home".

At the rose ceremony, the blond beauty announced to the other women her decision to leave reminiscing about her time on the shoe.

@belindanash wrote; "Ooooooh! Are we seeing new #meangirls on #TheBachelorNZ.
@jamjesshope wrote; "We don't wanna come off as that group of girls kissing one guy" what show do you think you're on???" #TheBachelorNZ
@chrissiecee wrote; "Is the king sized bed the new "Naz, Claudia and Fleur" walking track?" #TheBachelorNZ.