The latest contestant eliminated from The Bachelor NZ says she was "friend zoned" by Jordan Mauger too early - but she's still keen to meet his mates.

Danielle McGough found herself in the bottom two during last night's episode of the TV3 reality show, but was left without a rose when Mauger chose to keep Sarah instead.

Being eliminated was a double blow for the 26-year-old: not only did she have to leave Mauger behind, but she was also flown home from Hawaii, where the show has relocated.

"I was out of the mansion and on the next flight home. It was literally, see ya later," she said.


McGough told the Herald she just didn't get enough time to build a connection with Mauger.

"It's very hard on a group date when you're with a whole lot of other girls fighting for the same man. You really need that one-on-one time," she said.

"You don't get enough time at the cocktail parties, just stolen moments. We just didn't get a chance to make a conneciton (but) I think he's an awesome guy."

Mauger got serious during last night's episode, with the Christchurch director warning the girls he was only looking to keep those on the show who were serious about a future with him.

McGough, a Pukekohe-based cruise ship consultant and fitness fanatic, said her image as a party girl harmed her prospects.

"I don't know where I was but I seemed to be the only one that didn't get that vibe that we needed to step things up and be more serious," she said.

"It's a bit of a shame that I missed that memo. Everyone else stepped it up and I was cruising. I definitely should have gone and talked to him and let him know how I was feeling and where I was at.

"I played it way too cool and should have tried harder."

But she confirmed she was definitely looking for love with Mauger.

"I think he may have got the impression that I was just there to have fun with the girls because I always was, but I was there for Jordan.

"I'm quite gutted I didn't get that chance to find out if he is the right guy for me, but I definitely liked what I saw ...

"I got friend zoned. That's okay. I was just like, 'Best case scenario I end up with Jordan, if not I'm just going to have fun and make a whole lot of new friends'. I'm happy with that."

McGough, 26, was serious about her post-elimination comments asking Mauger if she could meet his mates.

"Hook me up Jordan. Help a mate out," she laughed.