Tomorrow night on The Bachelor, the cast head to Hawaii and several lucky Bachelorettes are lined up for some spectacular Island dates.

The Bachelor will have his time on the show permanently ingrained, after taking time out to get a souvenir tattoo. Jordan Mauger opted for a traditional Hawaiian inking called ala-niho, the "pathway of the teeth", (most commonly called "shark teeth").

It will certainly describe his time on the show, as it means growing and falling out and regenerating, representing constant change.

The dark arrows point to the future and the negative space (his skin) points back to his past and ancestors.


Mauger's barely visible finger tatts have sparked interest from viewers on social media, about whether they have been lasered off or covered over by production. The fingers in question have white anchor tattoos and represent Mauger and his brother and sister.

Apparently he got them in a spur-of-the-moment decision when he was in New York.

If you have been checking out his forearm, he got the long arrow ink on another trip to the big city.

We foresee "his" and "her" tattoo rings, the day after the final rose ceremony.