The Bachelor Jordan Mauger delivered adrenaline and excitement during last night's elimination episode, but it wasn't all fun and games for one beauty.

Bad girl Claudia was eliminated after a group date with Naz and Gab, where the beauties got to ride jetskis in an action-packed episode.

Following an emotional rose ceremony, there were just 14 girls left to fight for Mauger's heart.

The show is only in week three and already the Bach revealed a passion for all things fast and furious - from racing cars around tracks to adventurous water antics.


Earlier in the night a group date saw the girls push their jetskis to full throttle.

Things went slightly pear-shaped when terrified Bachelorette Naz fell off and had to be rescued by her knight in shining armour. The landscaping stunner from Christchurch overcame a phobia of water only to be given the cold shoulder.

When it came to some one-on-one time, Gab got the trip to an island, reducing the show's "villain" to tears.

Next Mauger singled out Rebecca for a Rainbow's End adventure, tailor-made for two "big kids".

While the blond actress was physically ill on one ride, she kept smiling and got a smooch and a red rose for her trouble.

"I'm very excited to see what the future holds," Mauger said of early favourite Rebecca.

"It was so very, very good," he added after singling her out to "touch base" at the cocktail party.

Erin was unwell and missed out on the celebrations but felt "all better" when the Bach hand delivered a rose to her sick bed.

Storm was swept aside for the first ever kiss at a cocktail party, and had her name called first during the rose ceremony.

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Mauger had previously brushed Claudia off as she tried to encroach on his "romantic time" and was eventually sent home, leaving the model and best friend Naz "stunned".

"I don't know what happened there, I really didn't see that coming," Claudia said of her elimination.