Melissa McCarthy has made a successful career starring in female-centric box office hits but the actress says there is still a lack of female talent in the comedy industry.

McCarthy told AAP at the premiere of her new film, The Boss, that women are "terribly under-represented" in the industry.

"Showing real women, showing three-dimensional, complicated, challenging, flawed women is really what we are kind of missing," McCarthy told AAP.

The actress, who has starred in several female-dominated films, emphasised the need for more "real women" both in front and behind of the camera.


"All the funny, amazing women that we know and grew up with, that we love, that we are friends with, that we work together - there are so many amazing people out there and it is like let's represent the real women."

McCarthy's husband and director of the film The Boss, Ben Falcone agreed that while the industry is improving, all have a role in encouraging further female talent.

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"It is getting better and there are so many talented actors and writers and directors that can make it better," he said.

"I am looking forward to seeing more."

McCarthy, who starred in the beloved Gilmore Girls before becoming a household name in film for her hilarious roles in Bridesmaids, The Heat and Tammy plays a successful businesswoman recently released from prison in her new movie, The Boss.

The film, which also stars American actress Kristen Bell, Game of Thrones legend Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates, is due to be released in Australian cinemas on April 14.