Bachelorette Amanda Higgot was a "little bit jealous" when left out of last night's dates, but she still felt shocked when she didn't receive a rose.

The Wellington nursing student was eliminated by Bachelor Jordan Mauger during last night's rose ceremony - but she says his selection came as a surprise.

In an interview with the Herald, the sport-loving blonde said she wasn't expecting her name to be called this early in the competition.

"I'm single, he's single - you'd think we'd have a connection ... I just didn't have time to get any deeper, but that's the way it goes."

Amanda Higgot went home, leaving 15 girls to vie for Bachelor Jordan Mauger's attention.
Amanda Higgot went home, leaving 15 girls to vie for Bachelor Jordan Mauger's attention.

The 28-year-old from Waikanae got little time to get to know the hunk, interacting with him mostly in a group.

She says she could have been more forward on the show but her low-key personality prevented her from pushing other girls out of the way for a chance at some alone time.

"I didn't expect to be going home. I felt quite good going into the ceremony. I mean I didn't speak to him that night, but I still felt okay," she told the Herald.

"If I had a feeling I would have approached him, but I was quite happy to just sit back and let the other girls speak to him - it did definitely come as a bit of a shock."

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She only began to feel worried her time had run out when the roses started to dwindle.

"It's getting less and less and you're thinking, 'Oh, she's going home', 'She's going home,' actually, 'Maybe it's me?'.

"It's quite confusing so you're sort of going back and forwards and feeling a bit sick, a real different range of emotion - it's not a pleasant feeling being out there without a rose."

Shedding a few tears as she made her exit Higgot was "happy" with how she handled herself on the show.

She leaves 15 girls in the mansion to vie for Mauger's attention.

"I loved it, I don't have any regrets, I would do it all again if it came up for sure.

"I'm just being myself, maybe that's just not the sort of person he wants but that's not to say the next Bachelor might not."

Higgot has already switched one Bachelor for another - diving straight back into study and trying to avoid the social media commentary which surrounds the show completely.

"That was the Bachelor of love, this is the bachelor of nursing," she laughed.

"For me, I'm just trying to get on with life, I stay away from all that," she said. "I just try and take the positives out of it."