Bachelor Jordan Mauger could be more than the love of Alicia Cowan's life - he might just keep her from going "crazy".

The 27-year-old from Te Awamutu has 20 pets including a miniature pony, pigs, sheep and a three-legged cat - but true love has evaded her.

Now it's time to settle down and she's not about to let a golden opportunity pass her by, Alicia told Woman's Day.

"I still feel lonely...I have everything else together, but I'm missing that final, vital ingredient. I'm three years away from 30 and three animals away from crazy," she said in an interview with the magazine.


Holed up on a rural property, the brunette beauty had little chance to meet Mr Right, but revealed she's already smitten with the Bachelor.

"He's really good-looking, so I was impressed from the start. And he talks about wanting to settle down someday soon, so he already ticks one of my most important boxes," she said.

The bachelorette is one of 16 girls left in the mansion vying for his affection.

Her menagerie of animals would not come as a surprise to Mauger - he's already been briefed on Alicia's other loves.

She gave the Bach a data stick with photos and video of her prized pets, and it seems he was impressed.

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Mauger showed an interest in getting to know some of her furry friends, telling her he wanted to ride miniature pony Rambo "off into the sunset".

"I'm looking for my best friend, the love of my life, and I can't wait to find him. I see a lot of potential in Jordan."