Kiwi actress Teuila Blakely says she feels like "New Zealand's most vilified woman" after she became the target, yet again, of internet trolls and online bullies.

The former Shortland Street star became the victim of waves of abuse last week after posting a selfie to Facebook with her old friend and Warriors centre, Konrad Hurrell.

The two were caught up in a sex tape scandal two years ago, when a video was illegally posted online without Blakely's consent.

"Do I feel like New Zealand's most vilified woman? Yes, 100,000 per cent. No one gets trolled as badly as I do," Blakey told New Zealand magazine, Woman's Day. "But I promise you, every time this happens, I come out stronger."


After this new round of hate, Blakely decided to hit back at trolls with an expletive-laden video.

"So, I'm in Sydney ... and on my way over it was really nice because I ran into my friend Konrad and I hadn't seen him for months, so it was actually really cool," she said in the video posted to her Facebook page.

"And I just posted a photo of such because he's my friend ... and then everyone lost their damn motherf***ing minds!

"And basically, you know, it's not even like bullying or f***ing trolling, it's goddamn persecution ... "Anyway, I'm just here relaxing and letting you know and I'm still approximately giving, um, zero amount of f***s!"

Blakely told Woman's Day she felt backed into a corner by bullies, but she was relieved after getting what she wanted to say off her chest.

One thing Blakely finds bizarre about the situation is that this is not the first time she has posted a photo of her and Hurrell since the scandal.

"There have been several pictures of us together over the past two years and no one has commented," she told Woman's Day. "I don't know why this was any different. Maybe they were having a troll convention that day."

Despite the hurt the scandal and subsequent hate has caused her, as well as her friends and family, Blakely - who was also the victim of bullying in her youth - says she's not embarrassed about what happened and believes that's why she is still receiving so many poisonous comments online.

"To be honest, people expect me to be embarrassed of the tape and I think they're angry that I'm not ... They still want me to be embarrassed and that's really what's annoying them".