Gwen Stefani interviewed "67 nannies" to find the perfect one.

The Voice star has three children with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale - Kingston, nine, Zuma, six, and Apollo, two - and has revealed the lengths she went to in order to ensure they receive the best care.

Speaking about her home life, Gwen said: "The kids have changed me... I'm super-unorganised, a real procrastinator, time management is non-existent. When I had them, I realised I couldn't be selfish anymore.

"My time away needs to be productive, and my time with them needs to be productive. It's a lot of depending on a lot of other people. I had to interview 67 nannies alone, in this room, to get the people I have now."


The past 12 months have been "crazy" for Gwen because of the break-up from her ex-husband.

And despite still feeling "awkward" talking about the events in public, she channeled her pain into writing her new album This Is What The Truth Feels Like.
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Gwen told Stylist magazine: "This last year has been particularly crazy... It's awkward to talk about it. But things feel good now, and I'm excited about the album, but I also feel pretty protective over it.

"I feel like I'm in the middle of so much. This is the first week of me really thinking about all this, and talking about it. I feel so weird about it. But if this music helps people, that would make it all worth it."

- Bang! Showbiz