With legions of fans around the world and hundreds of books devoted to the band, it is hard to imagine there would be anything undiscovered in the Rolling Stones' back catalogue.

But, incredibly, a previously unknown song by the band has surfaced after languishing in a retired businessman's loft for nearly half a century.

The track, No One Loves You More Than Me, was recorded by the fledgling group in 1964, during one of their first sessions at London's IBC Studios.

The 17-minute tape, which includes three unreleased versions of songs, is now for sale, but could have easily been lost for ever.


The unmarked tape was apparently thrown away by Mick Jagger and his bandmates only to be discovered four years later by Jeremy Nielsen, a friend of a sound engineer at the studio.

Mr Nielsen, then 19, found the tape when he visited the studio, near BBC Broadcasting House, in 1967 and was allowed to take unwanted recordings that were due to be burned.

He never listened to his haul and simply threw them in a box, forgetting about them for the next five decades.

It wasn't until he read guitarist Keith Richards' autobiography two years ago that he realised the world-famous band had recorded at the studio.

It prompted the 67-year-old to root around the attic and discover the treasure trove.

The Rolling Stones are understood to be excited at the prospect of hearing the song again. A source close to the band said: "They remember that era very well, when they were first starting out and before they started having hits."

The tape is being sold by auction house Tracks on April 3, with a pre-sale estimate of 6000 ($12,765).