Bachelorette Naz Khanjani has been seen busy scheming and back stabbing on The Bachelor NZ, but those tactics haven't done her any favours.

The mysterious beauty who works as a landscaper in Christchurch has taken aim at other contestants, starting what she calls "the hit list".

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However, her tactics of snitching on others seemed to be wearing thin, even with Bachelor Jordan Mauger.

After first telling on Wildcard contestant, Anna Marshall, she turned her sights on some of the other girls.


Tonight's cocktail party saw her single out Nicole, who said she'd take "a $5000 necklace over a rose".

The comment came after Shari got a sparkling gift from Mauger on an awkward date at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Mauger listened to the rant before telling Naz next time they sat down together it should be to talk about something other than her competition on the show.

Her alliance with Claudia had not gone un-noticed in the mansion and created suspicion among the remaining ladies.

Naz earned a reputation as the resident villain from the get go, and while she claimed: "I think Jordan really likes me" - Twitter users would disagree.

Many felt her underhand schemes were a form of bullying and they were having none of it.

Yet Mauger gave her a rose at the ceremony over American doctor Lindsey, who was sent home.

Some even questioned her sincerity in the search for love.