Storm has become a new frontrunner in the race for the Bachelor's heart, as she claimed the first proper pash of the season.

Last week, Sarah earned a peck on the lips from Jordan Mauger as she struggled with her first attempt at wake boarding.

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But tonight saw Mauger dial up the passion - if not the budget - on his second solo date.


This week saw the Bach head out on the water again, this time opting for a less active date, with the pair heading to a nearby island for a swim and a sit down on the beach.

Back at the house, Storm's fellow bachelorettes were left green with envy as she headed on her second date with Mauger, following last week's group date.

"I'm jealous that Storm got a second date," Ceri admitted on camera, while Claudia said: "I don't think it's fair."

The pair went for a paddle in kayaks before settling in for a romantic dinner aboard a boat.

Mauger fed Storm chocolate mousse, which he deliberately smeared on her nose before giving her a rose. Shortly afterwards, the pair engaged in a drawn out kiss, with Mauger saying: "I think you still taste like mousse."