Gilmore Girls

fans are in absolute meltdown after a fan posted an extraordinary wedding spoiler.

Sarah, a devoted fan of the show, was in the props department while on a tour of the Warner Brothers studio when she spotted a Gilmore Girls' set note titled 'Wedding'.

"I just pointed at it and said 'THIS IS A SPOILER!!' to my tour guide and she said I could take a photo," she told AAP.


"Personally hoping it's Luke and Lorelai wedding," Sarah added.

She shared the photo on Twitter, stirring up a storm of speculation from fans avidly guessing who the bride-to-be will be.

"@--co0p @KrystleManning2 who would Rory be marrying?" Maria Alvarez Lopez tweeted.

Also on the tour was Jordan McKamie, who snapped a prop on hold for Gilmore Girls that was marked to be picked up on March 18.

On the 'Hold' note stuck to the prop the set name was titled 'Wedding'.

There is no doubt Luke and Lorelai are the top candidates to tie the knot on the Netflix reboot, but Rory and Logan aren't far behind, with many hoping for a rekindled love in the upcoming episodes.

"If Logan and Rory don't end up together in the Gilmore Girls revival I will be heartbroken," Laura Marra said.

"@MeghanRienks @netflix OKAY SO ARE LOGAN AND RORY GETTING MARRIED YET OR ?????" Mary Kate added.

Sarah told AAP she saw the best of Stars Hallow while on the tour, visiting Patti's, Luke's cafe, the gazebo, Kim's antiques and the pedantic Taylor's Doose market and old-fashioned soda shop.