Former stars of the The Bachelor NZ have hit back at online trolls, with one saying she gets "hated on just for breathing".

The contestants from season one of The Bachelor, Dani Robinson and Chrystal Chenery, have jointly posted a video of themselves naming and shaming people who have written offensive comments about them on social media.

Robinson responded to flak that said she had recent breast enhancement to heighten her chances of getting a boyfriend by saying she was doing just fine.

"I'm definitely not struggling. If you haven't looked at all the rumoured guys I've been dating they are all 10s, so I'm doing fine," she posted.


She also said anything she did seemed to make her a target.

"I actually tweeted about that the other day and said I'm actually sick of getting hated on just for breathing.

"I just have to take a breath and someone somewhere is saying oh for f*** sake Dani, She's trying to breathe hot and she's trying to get all the boys. She's got her boobs done, she can breathe like that. Who does she think she is."

Robinson said people seemed to think they did not read the hateful comments. "It is really sad where people feel that they need to be a dick." She defended herself, saying she was successful in her own right because she was intelligent, had a degree and even owned her own house.

I was saving my flag bikini for SURVIVOR but have to wear it now before the flag changes!@johnkeypm will there be a...

Posted by Chrystal Chenery on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chenery said the purpose of reading the comments out on video was to "just troll them back basically".

Chenery was responding to comments directed at her after she had "a blonde moment" when she posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini with the Australian flag, while supporting a vote for the new New Zealand flag.

In the attacks, her motives were questioned and she was labelled a bogan.

She also singled out her favourite comment, adding it was probably more of a compliment: "She is like the New Zealand version of the Kardashians without the whole messy sex tape thing."

The video comes after former Shortland Street actress Teuila Blakely posted an expletive-laden video on social media at the weekend hitting out at internet trolls and abusers after she was criticised for posting a selfie of her with friend and Warriors player Konrad Hurrell.