Actor Johnny Depp has lashed out on presidential hopeful Donald Trump, deeming the republican a "brat".

While speaking to students at Arizona State University, Depp diverged from the subject of acting, instead voicing his not so shy opinions on Trump.

"I approach Donald Trump as - and not just about being a rich kid or anything like that - I approach Donald Trump as what you kind of see in him when you really watch him," he said alongside Professor Lawrence Krauss who joined the actor in conversation onstage.

"There is a pretence, there's something created about him in the sense of bullydom but what he is, I believe is a brat."


"He's a brat," he asserted amidst a round of applause and cheer.

The actor added his very own impersonation of the ratings-obsessed candidate mimicking his voice to say: "I want the Taj Mahal. I want the Taj Mahal. I want the Taj Mahal."

"Brat," he said again.

"Everything is mine. Even if I don't own it."

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As the crowd roared with laughter, Depp added in his Trump voice: "I'm going to build a wall. A fabulous wall. Sensational. Sensational."

"And all of my billions are not going to have to pay for it ... Mexico's gonna pay for it."

It isn't the first time Depp has poked fun at the presidential hopeful, starring as the man himself in an adaptation of Trump's book.