Justin Bieber struggled to raise a smile for his fans at a meet and greet in Seattle, Washington, despite charging them US$2,000 (NZD$2965) for a selfie.

The Sorry singer is offering his most dedicated fans the chance to meet him before gigs on his Purpose tour, but VIP treatment comes at a huge price.

For US$925 (NZD$1371), Beliebers can get a spot posing in a group photo with their idol, and for US$2,000 (NZD$2965) the most ardent Bieber fans get an individual picture with the pop superstar.

However in a number of photos posted by fans on social media after the tour's opening date at Seattle's KeyArena, Bieber looks bored, vacant and deeply unhappy with life.


The unsmiling selfies saw the star receive an avalanche of criticism on Twitter, with a number of users pointing out fans would be left with a souvenir of their meeting with Bieber in which he looked miserable.

"The year is 2016 and Justin Bieber still doesn't know how to smile in his meet and greet photos," one fan with the username @yeezusbrianna wrote, while another going by the handle @deanwinchestear added, "People are paying $2k for a meet & greet with justin bieber & he doesnt even smile for the pics, two thousand dollars for an annoyed look ."

Bieber's inability to look enthusiastic in his photographs with fans is the latest controversy surrounding the tour's VIP packages, as the pricing of the special tickets angered fans when they were announced in November last year.

The ticket outrage came a month after the musician annoyed fans by storming off during a concert in Oslo, Norway.

Bieber also debuted his latest fashion accessory - a nose stud - in an Instagram photo on Friday, when he uploaded a shirtless selfie in bed.

Looking straight into the camera with a blank stare, the 22-year-old's new stud can just be seen on the side of his nose.