She made New Zealand fans wait two hours, but Madonna has kept her Australian fans waiting even longer for a show described as "bonkers".

The pop star was due to perform a free show for 1400 fans called Tears of a Clown at Melbourne's Forum Theatre, but kept fans waiting so long they started wondering if she would show at all.

Originally planned to start at 9pm, the Daily Mail reported Madonna didn't appear on stage until well after midnight and didn't finish until after 3am.

When she did show up, fans complained that she was "off her rocker" during the gig, which was billed as a mix of music, comedy and story-telling.


She arrived on stage in a clown outfit while pedaling a tricycle, then told the crowd she was going to do something she never did and drink during the show.

The Sydney Morning Herald said some her jokes were "daggy" and had called the show a "rehearsal" for her upcoming stadium tour in Australia.

"For the queen of self-control, it was an open, at times even vulnerable insight into her persona. She seemed relaxed, drinking Cosmopolitans as she spoke at length between songs," wrote reviewer Debbie Cuthbertson.

Other fans raved about the show, saying it was a chance to see a different side of Madonna.

The show was reportedly being filmed for a bonus disc included with the tour version of her Rebel Heart album.

Madonna has kept on with her down under tour commitments despite fighting a high-profile custody case over her son Rocco with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie.