Mariah Carey is getting quite crafty with her shades of fellow musician and rival Jennifer Lopez.

Speaking on Monday night in Beverly Hills, Carey, now engaged to Australian casino mogul James Packer, told TMZ she "still doesn't know" the Latin actress and popstar.

The comment harks back to a former Carey jibe from the early 2000s.

Carey was asked for her opinion of fellow divas Beyonce and Lopez in a TV interview.


She calls Beyonce "nice" and a "good writer" but the disses Lopez saying "I don't know her" while shaking her head.

The moment was instantly a hit online becoming the subject of thousands of memes and gifs.

Carey has since said of the moment that she was just being honest. Lopez struck back at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, however, where she was filmed scrolling through Instagram during Carey's performance.

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She told The Wendy Williams show last Thursday that Carey was clearly "forgetful" as they had met many times.