Within seconds of its release, the new Game of Thrones trailer had the internet in meltdown with the return of Ned Stark and Cersei's haircut major talking points.

The haunting clip overwhelms fans with an uncensored insight into what to expect from season six of the hit HBO show.

Warning: Content may disturb. Source: HBO

From the fate of Jon Snow, to the return of Jamie Lannister to King's Landing and the moment Bran Stark comes face to face with a White Walker, the trailer covers it all.

The fantasy drama is known for its shocking teasers, but viewers have shocked and pleased in equal measures by the latest.


It didn't take fans long to raise questions about some of our favourite characters, with many speculating about the fate of Jon Snow, who was stabbed to death at Castle Black.

Others were astonished by the reappearance of the late Ned Stark in what seems to be a flashback to the Tower of Joy in the northern edge of the Red Mountains of Dorne.

Brandon Stark's clash with a white walker at the end of the trailer had fans trembling.

Within the first three hours of the trailer's release, the HBO series was trending online, generating almost 64,000 tweets.