Can't get enough of The Bachelor? Then TV2's new dating show is just for you.

The network today confirmed a local version of international hit First Dates is in production, a show that films couples and their awkward first moments together.

The show involves two people who have never met before sharing a meal, with all their interactions captured on camera.

Afterwards, the duo are asked to discuss their connection and decide whether or not they would be interested in sharing another date together.


"First Dates lays bare the reality of that first meeting, capturing all of the hope and heartbreak on camera," a press release said.

TVNZ spokesman Andrew Shaw called it one of the "most authentic dating shows ever produced".

Five seasons of the show have aired in Britain, and Australia has also screened a local version of the show, sparking plenty of awkward laughter and cringing at the dates.

It's the latest international show to be adapted for a local audience by TV2, after Survivor and hypnotism comedy Back in the Room.

It may also be in response to TV3's local hit of The Bachelor, which started this week and has sparked plenty of headlines and water cooler conversations.

Anyone interested in applying for the show can do so here. Filming will take place in July, and you have to be over 18.