There was speculation one of the contestants may not be feeling a "spark" with Bachelor Jordan Mauger.

Rumblings among the girls on Tuesday revealed Metz, the Samoan Princess, may be looking to excuse herself from the mansion.

Ever eager model, blogger and cheerleader Claudia, 29, was quick to share the news confided to her earlier that day.

But when it came crunch time at the cocktail party, all Samoan beauty Metz really wanted to do was "get to know" Mauger a little better.


When the pair sat down for a bit of alone time, she told him straight.

"I just want the opportunity, all the girls were telling me - he's a lot of fun, well, I don't know hes a lot of fun," Metz said.

"Tonight at the cocktail party, I wanted to tell you, I want to get to know you."

She also said her perfect man was someone caring, loyal and understanding, who loves family.

Metz asked Mauger if he could be part Samoan due to his tanned skin, "you might be my cousin" she quipped.

During the rose ceremony she put any apprehension about the show down to missing her family.

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Claudia and fellow contestant Fleur were visably upset by the prospect of Metz's early departure.

"She's probably the most real girl in the house and definitely has got my back, I don't want her to leave," Claudia said.

While drama eluded viewers this episode, a teaser for next week hinted we may get the drama we hoped for, with a "shock exit" in the pipeline.