As The Bachelor Jordan Mauger endured 23 awkward introductions to meet his bevvy of beauties, Twitter had something to say.

The meet and greet cocktail party caused a stir with couch critics - who have taken aim at everything from the women's dresses to the myriad of gifts they brought along.

They certainly did not come empty handed, offering up bliss balls, juice, bubbles, a purple rose with extended explanation and a tiny red heart, to a nervous Mauger.

There were nerves, annoying voices and one Bachelorette declaring "I did give him my heart from the start".


All of the women this season appear to know what they want, and they are making no bones about setting their eyes directly on the prize.

Some were even speculating about what's to come, with one referring to an incident from the first series where contestant Poppy Salter farted in front of adonis Art Green on a beach date.

While the ladies bore the brunt of most social media commentary, The Bachelor himself could not escape it entirely.