He appears tonight as the country's most eligible Bachelor, but Jordan Mauger once had a quickie wedding in Vegas - at least his alter ego Ron Rowdy did.

Mauger walked down the aisle to smooth vocals of an Elvis impersonator at Viva Las Vegas chapel on June 18, 2012 as part of an Air New Zealand Grabaseat campaign.

He wore a burgundy two-piece suit, plaid shirt and cowboy boots, while his saucy bride nicknamed "Lucky" donned a tiered red dress and held fake flowers for the affair.

His "merry" groomsmen were radio presenters dressed in tuxedo print t-shirts and board shorts.


The happy occasion was documented - from a limo ride to the couple's first kiss - in a promotional video dug out in time for Mauger's first appearance as The Bachelor on TV3 at 7.30pm, tonight.

"A lot of people mix me up with a guy called Ron Rowdy, he tries to impersonate me, looks like me a little bit," Mauger told The Hits.

"He's been getting me in a lot of trouble of late because his shenanigans are linked to me directly."

When asked if he was concerned about the shotgun wedding being leaked, the Bach quipped, "I'd like to see the paper work".

Mauger has come a long way from the faux nuptials, where he sported a handlebar mustache and some extra weight.

Now looking lean and dapper in the show's promotional images, he prepares to compete for the affections of 23 ladies.

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When asked how he came to land the coveted role, Mauger joked: "I think they mixed up forms at the bloody car rego place".

"It's pretty intense but the excitement goes along with it is pretty awesome," he added.

He thought all of the girls were "fantastic" and appeared to be good friends...for now.

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