JK Rowling has dropped a bombshell on Harry Potter fans, previewing new stories that promise to reveal "the whole story".

A new video released exclusively to NZ Herald unveils The History of Magic in North America, a new series of four stories written by Rowling and set in the US that will premiere on Pottermore in the next 24 hours.

"Everything you think you know is about to change," promises the voice over in the video.

"The wizarding world that you thought you knew is much larger than you imagined. History has many secrets. The official story is never the whole story.


"Look beyond the surface and you will find another world running parallel to our own. A secret world where magic is real."

The video also mentions American wizarding school Ilvermorny, skin-walkers, the Salem witch trials and the Magical Congress of the USA.

The new stories arrive ahead of the Potter film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, due for release in November.

Read JK Rowling's The History of Magic in North America at Pottermore.com

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