Kiwi TV fans have spent their weekends in front of the TV after House of Cards' surprise appearance on Netflix.

All of four seasons of the streaming service's signature show, which has never been available on Netflix in New Zealand, appeared on Friday night.

After a day in which it appeared unlikely the fourth season of the show, released globally on Friday, would screen here, it came as a major surprise.

"Guess I know what I'm watching this weekend," wrote one fan on Twitter after finding House of Cards available on the streaming service.


"No sleep this weekend," wrote another. "I've been waiting so long for this moment," said a third.

The lack of House of Cards here appeared to be the results of a rights wrangle.

Previous seasons screened on TV3, or streamed on Lightbox. Repeated requests for information put to Netflix by the Herald went unanswered.

That resulted in this story, Hey Netflix, why can't we watch House of Cards? on Friday.

The show appeared on Netflix several hours later with little fanfare.

Whatever the reason, fans were surprised and delighted.

The show stars Kevin Spacey as a dodgy congressman who will do anything for power.