Ten months after he was abused by X Factor judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills for his singing performance and image, Joe Irvine still can't bring himself to watch any replays.

He says he is disappointed he did not receive much support from the makers of the TV3 reality show after the shocking verbal attack.

His brutal dressing-down made headlines around the world and Moon and Kills were booted from the show in disgrace after a furious backlash from the public.

"When it happened I was mad but I was aware kids would be watching so I fought back the urge to have a go at Willy and Natalia," he says. "It was awful."


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Since the X Factor, he has been gigging around New Zealand and soon plans to release a string of singles.

He has also written a song about his experiences on the show called Addiction.

"The track is about where Natalia Kills is at now and the highs and lows I went through because of her," he says.

"I wish her and Willy well. I just hope they never do anything so stupid and uncalled for again."

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Irvine advises any other people considering appearing on a reality show to take plenty of support with them.

"I got no assistance from anyone afterwards and it has left me thinking reality shows are just staged for a big publicity stunt. Anyone appearing on one of these things needs to be mentally prepared for anything."

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