Jeremy Clarkson has been filming a new car series in Barbados - and has been tweeting about his experiences in the sun-soaked paradise.

He recently had an accident while filming, according to his Twitter feed.

After many images of him having fun in the sun, he tweeted an image of a mangled car.
He said: "Had a bit of an accident while filming today".

Former Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond also had something to say about it.
He said: " Two words for you: Dingle. Berry."


However, as he is tweeting, Clarkson doesn't seem to have caused himself any serious harm.

His fellow presenters also seem to have had accidents while filming the show.

James May had an accident which caused him to break his sunglasses:

And Richard Hammond got severely sunburned:

The new Amazon car show has been the subject of much talk and speculation since it was announced.

Clarkson, Hammond and May have signed up to present three 12-episode series, with each episode set to be roughly 60 minutes in length.

The show will debut in the autumn, and will be available to anyone who has signed up to Amazon's Prime streaming service, which also includes free delivery of items bought on Amazon.

The format will still be familiar to Top Gear viewers, with a mix of studio-based chat and international adventures.