"One of the cleverer plates I've seen," says Peter.

Desperate woman's 'stolen' car rematerialises

Last week one of my work colleagues reported her car stolen. Yesterday I received this news flash ... "There is good news and bad news," wrote this anonymous female. "The good news is that my car was found by my husband. Bad news is that he doesn't believe me when I say I didn't park it where he found it! Oh well. If you have to know, the car was found in the Kitchener Rd mall carpark, rather than Milford Rd carpark! I will eventually get over the embarrassment!"

Nothing wrong

"Of course there's nothing cold and aggressive about calling yourself Visceral Rage," tweets @Bestofthemail.

Purrfectly good music

Longtime National Symphony cellist David Teie announced in November that his crowdfunding project was hugely successful, allowing him to produce an album of music for cats. (Cats, for example, relax in response to the earliest sound of their mother's purring, which Teie clocked at 23 harp notes a second.) Teie's work includes examining waveforms of real-time purrs and creating an organ sound to mimic the opening and closing of a cat's vocal chords. His KickStarter pitch raised so much money that he might also try creating music for bored zoo elephants or stressed-out whales. (Source: Washington Post)


Rural ratepayer reality

A reader writes: "Here in the Far North we pay rates that aren't much less but: We mow our berms (though apparently the council pop by twice a year); we have street lighting usually only at junctions; many roads don't have footpaths, those that do mainly have it on one side only; we don't have reticulated water supplies or sewerage; we pay for our rubbish to be picked up; we pay for our bagged recycling to be picked up; big rubbish has to be taken to the transfer station - ours is 25km away; and 38 per cent of our roads are not sealed. Some of the above doesn't apply to the CBDs (yes we do call them that) and most of us understand the limitations our council works under. Aucklanders do have some things good."

Arrrrr me hearties

When your pirate friend wants to join in ... (via @brucealmighty)

Picture this:

An Instagram which captures the poor men who get roped into going shopping with their wives...(why wouldn't you take a gal pal?

for most men, surely?)...

And technology commentator Paul Brislen suggests retailers who offer

for these poor sods might be onto something...

Good read: Somewhere in Scotland an abandoned industrial site has been made into a Universe-themed public park, complete with models of black holes, the Milky Way galaxy, and comet's tails that you can walk through...

Video: Footage of Texas senator and Republican candidate Ted Cruz and his wife on the campaign trail, get the bad lip-reading treatment...(i.e hilarious overdubbed script)

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