The second star of The Bachelor New Zealand is more of a bloke than his predecessor.

Amid much speculation, Cantabrian Jordan Mauger was officially revealed as the second bachelor on Sunday - taking over from last year's paleo-hunk, Art Green.

According to host Mike Puru, the 32-year-old is more of a manly man than his predecessor, though he's not scared to show off a softer side.

"Art is a sensitive new age guy - the new Bachelor is a lad's lad but also sensitive," Puru said.


"He's a rural Kiwi bloke but with smoking eyes - and he tells some great yarns too."

Christchurch-raised Mauger says he spent four years working on superyachts for the rich and famous - and travelled the world in style.

He has also managed bars and worked as a personal trainer and a second assistant director on film shoots. But his latest career turn is as an actor, starring in two episodes of Outrageous Fortune spin-off Westside as Rod Nugent. He's in the show's second season on TV3 later this year.

Mauger saved enough working on superyachts to buy a Ford Mustang muscle car, which he had shipped back to New Zealand. Most importantly he's looking for love, telling Woman's Day this week he was ready to settle down and find someone special.

"One day I woke up and thought, 'I've done all these amazing things and made all these amazing memories but I don't have anyone to share them with'. Now I'm ready," he said.

"I want to meet somebody that I can be spontaneous with. Someone I can do the chores with or go samba dancing... "

The show has done a switch this year - revealing the Bachelor ahead of the competing Bachelorettes.

Puru says this year's female contestants have an advantage over 2015's.

"I think it's quite clear that the girls watched last year's show so they seem a bit more sassy on how to play the game, so to speak."

The second series promises surprises, drama, heartbreak and awkward moments.

"One [Bachelorette] has gone through a lot to get to this point but she's very sweet and I think New Zealand is going to fall for her," says Puru.

"I've noticed one girl who is a little inexperienced in courting and her approach will leave you shaking your head."

With Green and girlfriend Matilda Rice still a couple a year on from their time on The Bachelor, expectations among contestants is high.

"It's pretty clear from the first cocktail party that these girls know what they want. Most of them watched Art and Matilda begin their romance so they are off to an explosive start."

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