YouTube prankster Sam Pepper has revealed his extreme stunts were faked in an attempt to chase views.

The 28-year-old British YouTube star, who rose to fame after appearing on the UK version of Big Brother in 2011, started posting more and more elaborate prank videos that outraged people around the world.

He famously faked a kidnapping and staged a mock execution, with Vine star Sam Golbach believing his friend Colby Brock was shot in the head right in front of him.

The KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK video received a barrage of hate, forcing Pepper to defend his actions.


Now, he has revealed those videos were in fact staged.

"I've been making fake videos and I've been faking my whole online persona," he said in a 20-minute -long rambling confession.

The I'm Sorry video he posted on his channel is the only video left on his YouTube profile, after deleting every piece of content he has created, including his social media posts.

"I should have just came out and said, hey guys, I'm an idiot, I've faked this video, I wanna make content that gets views and I've been trying to follow the trends and I've messed up and I'm an idiot," he said."Instead, I said, 'oh I'm doing a social experiment'."

He has more than two million followers on YouTube, and more than one million Twitter followers.

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Pepper said he would plan each video and ask his victims first, directing them to react in a certain way.

Via Twitter, Pepper said he hopes to return with new content that will show his more authentic persona.

"I know i've let you down, and you can't all forgive me instantly. but i will prove to you with new content who i am. i'm sorry (sic)," he said.