Roses are ready for the taking, but will we see love in a new series of The Bachelor NZ? host Mike Puru seems to think so.

Today actor and model Jordan Mauger was officially announced as the new bach -taking over from last year's adonis Art Green.

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The new lad in town is said to be smart, successful and more of a manly man than his predecessor.


"Art is a sensitive new age guy - the new bachelor is a lads lad but also sensitive," Puru said.

"He's a rural Kiwi bloke but with smoking eyes and he tells some great yarns too."

Jordan Mauger will be wooing 23 bachelorettes on the new series. Photo / Supplied
Jordan Mauger will be wooing 23 bachelorettes on the new series. Photo / Supplied

Mauger certainly has the credentials to woo 23 bachelorettes having worked on superyachts, as a personal trainer, behind bars and in popular TV shows such as Westside and The Brokenwood Mysteries.

Love was definitely in the air when the 32-year-old hunk was introduced to his bevvy of beauties for the first time.

"The ladies were very impressed when they met him and they all are in the mindset of capturing the heart of this playful bachelor."

A second series of the much loved international franchise will bring more surprises, drama and of course heartbreak.

Puru said everything has changed for 2016, bar his role as host.

"I think it's quite clear that the girls watched last years show so they seem a bit more sassy on how to 'play the game' so to speak and there are quite a few new unique locations which will provide some stunning dates. "

As for whether there will be another "big" personality like Chrystal Chenery - who appeared last season and reportedly dated Mauger for a short while - only time will tell.

"The girls are always nice to me so it's hard to tell but there's definitely a few who know what they want," Puru added.

Wildcard Anna Marshall is the only bachelorette to be revealed so far. Photo / Instagram
Wildcard Anna Marshall is the only bachelorette to be revealed so far. Photo / Instagram

"We loved having Chrystal on last season and you'll know pretty fast who has a similar approach."

Already one bachelorette is tipped to win the hearts of Kiwi viewers, while another could make for awkward viewing.

"One has gone through a lot to get to this point but she's very sweet and I think NZ is going to fall for her," Puru said.

"I've noticed one girl who is a little inexperienced in courting and her approach will leave you shaking your head."

With Green and his bubbly blonde girlfriend Matilda Rice still going strong and very much in love one year on - expectations among the contestants are high.

"It's pretty clear from the first cocktail party that these girls know what they want. Most of them watched Art and Matilda begin their romance so they are off to an explosive start!"

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As for his own love life Puru said long time boyfriend Anton had been "his rock" since quitting The Edge radio station late last year.

The move, which came after 20-years with the station, allowed him to concentrate on filming The Bachelor and start some fresh projects.

"I've spent a lot of time sleeping in and spending time with my man and our dog Rufus. There are always exciting things on the cards, I have been very lucky and after The Bachelor I will have a new exciting TV show to get stuck into."'