She's blonde and beautiful, but there's more to Bachelorette wildcard Anna Marshall. Here's what we know so far ...

She's a bikini babe

Snaps on social media reveal the beautiful blonde is not afraid to don a bikini nor is she shy about being photographed.
Anna shows off her toned figure while working on her tan in multiple shots this summer.
The Nelson native is a self-confessed sun worshiper.

What it means for the Bachelor: Long days spent frolicking in the sea and sunshine.

She's traveled the world

Already the wildcard contestant has something in common with rumoured Bachelor Jordan Mauger.
Both have seen the world in style - she, as a nanny for royalty in the Middle East - he, while working on superyachts for the rich and famous.
What it means for the Bachelor: More travel to exotic locations, she's clearly got itchy feet.

Always a Bachelorette never a bride

If her social media profile is anything to go by she's practically a professional wedding guest.
Anna even caught the bouquet on two occasions. This tells us two things - she's ready to find Mr Right and the girl's got co-ordination.
What this means for the Bachelor: Love is in the air, wedding bells can't be too far off.


She's compassionate

After selling all her belongings, Anna "threw on" a backpack and journeyed to Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal to help the less fortunate.
She names the experience as one of her "proudest" moments, and clearly isn't afraid to rough it.
What it means for the Bachelor: This one is more than a pretty face - she's not selfish and knows how to put others first.

Her brother plays for the Hurricanes

The Bachelor

is not her first brush with fame - brother James Marshall plays for the Hurricanes.

Let's hope the Bach is a keen sporting man, as Anna regularly attends the games with family, flag in hand.

What this means for the Bachelor:

Screaming in the stands and waving silly signs.

She can get down and dirty

Reno girl!! About another week and my Reno girl duty will be all done!! #thankgod #bigjob #bitoffmorethanicouldchew #moveoverbobthebuilder

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Having renovated what looks like an entire house, and in some pretty chilly conditions, it's safe to say Anna doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.
Impressive before and after photos show she's a dab hand at decorating too.
What this means for the Bachelor: She's capable of hammering a nail and knows how to make a home.