A reader writes, "I saw this parking warden ticketing a NZ Blood van outside BNZ on Mahuhu Cres in Auckland yesterday with its hazard lights on. It was parked on the footpath, but there was still plenty of room either side of the van for pedestrians. I would've thought a bit of leniency and common sense could have prevailed here for this life-saving service?"

Sister's petty letter

Supremely judgmental and petty letter submitted to the San Jose Mercury News' Ask Amy advice column: "My sister lives across the country. She has been married for 33 years. They've raised two daughters who are now adults, but she's been living the most boring life ever. I don't know how she could be happy doing nothing but cooking and cleaning for all these years. And then she has the nerve to criticise me for not having enough time in my day, when she has no clue what it's like to work fulltime. I can't understand why she doesn't want to work more and help her poor husband with their finances. Then they could travel and see the world. They never go anywhere. I want so much more for her. She has never had to live through things like illness, job loss or divorce like I have. She has been supportive sometimes, but not all the time. I guess I'm a bit jealous because she has so much free time. I've asked her to write me a list of what she does all day. I've sent her lists of what I manage to accomplish in the three hours I have in my home, but she has declined to provide her list. It's so sad that she has never had any aspirations. It makes me so sad to feel like she's wasted her life; she's only in her 50s. I told her all this in an email, but now she's mad at me for just being honest. She expects an apology, but I'm hurt now, too. How do we get past this? Do you have any advice on getting her to see my view?"

Acting the goat in a car park

A goat caused a commotion last weekend when it was spotted in the driver's seat of a vehicle in a Massachusetts car park, flashing its owner's lights. The Boston Globe reports passer-by John Miller noticed the horned animal and filmed it with his phone. Miller posted the video on social media where it was discovered by Ashley Robertson, the goat's owner. Robertson says she was on her way home with her new goat when she stopped at Home Depot. She didn't think the goat would climb into the front seat because of its size. Robertson says the goat turned on her hazard lights, consumed a fizzy drink and defecated on the seat. She says she's amused and "a little embarrassed" about the goat's internet fame.

Wellington makes 12th place

"Great to see that Wellington made UK Business Insiders' 12th Most Liveable City," writes a reader. "But 'sublime weather'?"


Picture this: Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace, shows photos of the borders between countries in Europe's Schengen Area (i.e. 26 European countries that have abolished passport and border control at their internal borders). It's essentially a single country for international travel purposes...

Graphic: Odd and danger diets...Starts with the reasonable sounding Grapefruit diet and ends with the Breatharian diet, which is living on air...

Video: Multi-terrain robot gets bullied by humans...

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