The Auckland suburb of Meadowbank will be the location for next season's The Block NZ.

QV property records show that production company Eyeworks has bought 95-97 St Johns Rd.

Eyeworks, which makes the hit television series, is a subsidiary Warner Bros.

"The whole lot sold for $5.5 million," a Kohimarama agent confirmed to Fairfax.


"I don't think I was allowed to say at the time, but I'm fairly sure it's all public knowledge now. The properties sold to Warner Bros.

"There are five townhouses on the site, all very similar. They're not going to be demolishing them. The plan is to renovate them, as they've done in series before."

Last year, it was reported that Meadowbank could host the next season of the reality television series, after a letter on Warner Bros letterhead was sent to residents advising them of an "up and coming building and filming activity in the area".

It read: "We will be holding a community meeting to give you specific information relating to the project and to answer any questions you may have.

"We will be joined by representatives from MediaWorks (TV3) and the Auckland Council."

At the time, a Meadowbank resident said traffic was already a problem on the busy main road.

"Seen the traffic on this road? I live down there; now in the mornings you can't get out -- I've got to go around the block."

He wasn't so keen on seeing The Block join the morning mayhem.

"I've got nothing against the show, but I've seen from previous shows they block off the driveways."

Steve Butler who lives with his fiancee in a house not far from the site, said if the show came to the street it would bring mixed blessings.

"The good thing about it is, obviously it brings something to the neighbourhood that's quite exciting, the residents might like it.

"The downside is it's already quite hard reversing out of the driveway, especially in rush hour. It could cause accidents, might even cause burglaries as more people know about the area."

Mr Butler thought noise might also be a problem for those living next to the site.