Comedian John Oliver has teamed up with moviemaker Sir Peter Jackson for an inevitable satirical swipe at the dildo-throwing incident involving government minister Steven Joyce.

During Waitangi celebrations earlier this month, a protester shouted "that's for taking away our sovereignty" before throwing the large fake pink penis, hitting Mr Joyce in the face.

The incident has caught the attention of the Last Week Tonight host, who has featured it on the latest episode of his HBO show.

Earlier today the show sent a response to Mr Joyce on social media after the MP had jokingly suggestion on Twitter "someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with".


The video response shows Sir Peter Jackson waving a flag with Steven Joyce and a sex toy on it, with the line in the tweet saying "we made your country a new flag. Here's Peter Jackson to show it to you".

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A spokesman for Sir Peter Jackson said Sir Peter was not available for comment about the segment at this time.

Judging by Mr Joyce's response, it doesn't appear as if the video offended him too much.

John Oliver has previously featured New Zealand stories on his show, including the flag referendum, and when Eminem's publisher planned to take court action against the National Party.