Penelope Cruz thinks social media is "frightening".

Whilst the Zoolander 2 star has her own Instagram account, she has never subscribed to Twitter or Facebook as she finds it all "unnatural".

She told El Periodico newspaper: "Internet has changed the world including professions like mine. I'm the sort of person who misses writing cards instead of sending texts. I'll always be like that. I hold out the hope it changes one day and the two worlds can co-exist.

"I've resisted social media sites a lot. I haven't got a Twitter account or Facebook. I'm on Instagram but I use it for specific things. It's a bit frightening really. I'm not going to photograph the fried eggs I eat in the morning. It seems unnatural to me, like posting photos of my family."


Meanwhile, the 41-year-old actress - who enjoys a successful career in front of the camera - previously revealed she is keen to have a go at directing.

She shared: "I want to build what could be my future in cinema, not always being in front of the camera. I'd also like to direct a feature, maybe 10 years from now. For now, I'm directing commercial and video-clips - I love that. And it's the best way to learn. I want to go slowly, step by step. I'm following the whole production process very closely, from the film's inception."

- Bang! Showbiz