It's not every night frogs rain down on stage at a theatre, but in The Book of Everything that's what happens - sort of.

Based on a children's book by Dutch author Guus Kuijer, and adapted for the stage by Australian Richard Tulloch, its lead character is 9-year-old Thomas, who sees things other people don't - like a plague of green frogs, a hailstorm in summer and tropical fish in the canals of Amsterdam.

Bringing The Book of Everything to the stage has presented plenty of challenges for the Silo Theatre team behind it: director Sophie Roberts, set designer John Verryt, costumer Kirsty Cameron, lighting whizz Sean Lynch and sound maestro Thomas Press. But the challenges have been ably met to create a magical, moving piece of theatre.

The Book of Everything sold out when it ran at last year's Auckland Arts Festival so, given the opportunity to reprise it, Roberts couldn't wait to do it all again. "It celebrates courage, friendship and the power of community - and I love everything about it," she says. "I also like that it's an ensemble piece with a group of people working together."


Cast from Silo's original production - Rima Te Wiata, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michelle Blundell and Patrick Carroll - are joined by Amanda Billing, Dan Musgrove, Stephen Lovatt and Amanda Tito.