We all have heartwarming memories of Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire.

But some newly surfaced deleted scenes show the 1993 flick could have been a lot sadder.

Uploaded to journalist Matthew Keyes' YouTube account, one scene shows Williams running late for his daughter's spelling bee. While having an argument with his wife (Sally Field), their daughter loses concentration and misses her word. In an emotional talk afterwards, she asks her dad why he can't be Mrs Doubtfire again.

"Life's more real and wonderful than [acting all day]," Williams says. "Acting ... it's nice but it's a job."


In the second heartbreaking scene, Williams and Field are having an argument at the bottom of the stairs while their kids sit upstairs on a bed listening to every word.

Check out the deleted scenes below and just try not shedding a tear.

- news.com.au