Kelly Osbourne has been set upon by a bat - in a suspected revenge attack 34 years after her father bit the head off one of the species.

The 31-year-old TV presenter was left stunned after one of the webbed mammals assaulted the star and left her humiliated by covering her purple hair in its excrement while she was on the way to purchase a pie - just days after the 34th anniversary of her dad Ozzy Osbourne's run in with a bat.

The Black Sabbath frontman infamously tore a bat's head off with his teeth in January 1982 while performing in Des Moines, Iowa.

He later described the incident in his memoirs, saying his mouth experienced the "worst aftertaste you could ever imagine", but claimed he thought the winged creature was a rubber toy at the time.


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But this claim has clearly fallen on deaf bat ears, as, after more than three decades of patiently waiting to pounce, one chosen member of the species wreaked its revenge on his daughter.

Kelly took to Instagram to convey her dismay that a bat had the indecency to poop all over her head, and added a picture of the animal's feces all over her tresses.

#FuckMyLife walked down the street to @harrysfamouspies where a fucking bat attacked me and shit on my head!

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A clearly disgruntled Kelly added the caption: "walked down the street to @harrysfamouspies where a f***ing bat attacked me and s**t on my head! (sic)"

Ozzy's infamous bat incident wasn't the first time he had chewed a creature's head off with his teeth.

One year earlier, after signing his first solo career record deal, the intoxicated singer bit the head off a dove and spat it out.

He was initially planning to release doves into the air as a sign of peace.

It is not known if a dove has wreaked a revenge attack on Ozzy, Kelly or any of the Osbournes since.

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