If your experience of goodie bags is confined to the sweets and toys handed to your little ones as they leave a birthday party, wait till you see what's on offer at the Oscars.

The treats being given to some of this year's nominees include holidays in Japan and Israel and a score of other freebies that tot up to an astonishing $380,000.

They even include a Nuelle Fiera Arouser sex toy for the female hopefuls, which costs $370.

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It follows the apparent success of last year's Afterglow pulsewave light technology sex toy.

The goodie bag being given to this year's nominees in the best actor/actress and best director categories also includes a "vampire breast lift" worth $2800, which uses the patient's own blood to achieve a "rounder cleavage without implants" and is said to be the latest trend in LA.

The most expensive offering is a ten-day, first-class trip to Israel worth $68,000, followed by a year's worth of unlimited car rentals and a 15-day walking tour of Japan, both worth $65,000.

Other goodies include a lifetime supply of luxury skincare, the "world's most soothing" toilet paper, spa packages, personal training sessions, jewellery, wine, premium vodka - and $500 of personalised M&Ms sweets.

The bag is contributed to by companies hoping to capitalise on the fame of Oscar hopefuls, and dwarfs the $190,000 value of the bag that was given to nominees last year.

It is put together by LA company Distinctive Assets, whose website attempts to answer the question of why multi-millionaire celebrities need to receive such lavish gifts.

The explanation the company gives is: "The basis of this question is a confusion of 'need' with 'gratitude'. We are simply saying thank you to people."

- Daily Mail