If there's one 2016 Super Bowl ad that will tug at the heartstrings it's Audi's latest campaign.

The German luxury carmaker has a moon-themed ad running in the first quarter of the Super Bowl on Monday afternoon to the soundtrack of the late David Bowie's Starman.

"The Commander" focuses on a retired astronaut who, surrounded by memories of his golden years, has lost his enthusiasm for life.

"Surrounded by memories of the Space Age's golden years, a retired astronaut has lost his zeal for life," the video's caption reads.


"But when his son shows up and hands over the keys to the new 205-mph Audi R8 V10 plus, a rocket ride under the stars stirs new-found life within the Commander."

It may not have funny jokes like most Super Bowl ads but the Audi ad is definitely epic.

It's filled with images of a space shuttle lift-off and flashbacks of the Commander as an astronaut.

As soon as the rocket blasts off, Bowie's Starman comes on setting a powerful scene.

Bowie lost his life, after an 18-month battle with cancer, on January 10.

His death came just three days after his 69th birthday, which he marked with the release of a new album, Blackstar.

The album, which scored positive reviews from critics, was his first since his 2013 smash The Next Day.

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