A picture of dignified mourning, David Bowie's widow Iman is seen in public for the first time since the death of her husband from cancer last month.

Shielding her eyes with large sunglasses and wrapped up in black against the cold, the supermodel, 60, left her home in New York on Tuesday to take the family dog for a walk.

The scene was a poignant one, not least because it perhaps gave an insight into why the couple might have chosen Max, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel-Havanese cross.

Like his former master, the dog also has mis-matched eyes - one blue and one brown.


One of Bowie's eyes appeared to be much bluer than the other, a feature he put down to being punched in the face by his best friend at school in a fight over a girl, leaving one of his pupils permanently dilated.

Max is believed to have been a gift from Bowie and Iman to their daughter Lexi, 15. The dog's sister Muffin belongs to Bowie's devoted assistant Coco, who received around £1.4million in his will.

Iman has declined to comment publicly about her loss, but an image posted on her Twitter page on the day of Bowie's death, January 10, two days after he turned 69, read: 'The struggle is real, but so is God.'

In another message the day before, she posted: 'Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.'

It has been reported that Bowie was cremated without any friends or family present, after telling his loved ones he did not want a funeral.

Iman's close friend Bethann Hardison previously told US magazine People: 'She's fine. We're fine. We're holding up. It comes in waves, you know.'

Once asked what his greatest achievement had been, Bowie replied it was 'marrying his wife'.

-Daily Mail