Breaking Bad

's Bryan Cranston has said fame has changed him, but not necessarily for the better.

The actor, whose TV character Walter White has gained cult status, also admitted that he doesn't miss the hit TV show.

Cranston's popularity exploded when he landed the part of Walter White, a high school teacher who manufactures methamphetamines after being diagnosed with terminal cancer to ensure his family will be financially stable when he dies.


Talking about fame, he told the Radio Times: "I often now opt to stay at home, when I may have had a desire to go out.

"I'm less social than I used to be. I have a tendency to hide away."

His role in the movie Trumbo has also gained critical praise and he has been nominated for an Oscar at this year's ceremony.

He insists fame and wealth weren't "the goal" behind becoming an actor and adds: "I just wanted to make a living acting. That is still my most cherished professional accomplishment."

Despite the success of Breaking Bad, Cranston admits he doesn't miss the show, only the people who worked with him on it.

"We were together for six years, and a lot of life happens in six years. But we had a beautiful beginning, middle and end," he said, "And you have to know when to end."